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Welcome to CommNetUK

CommNetUK are a computer services company based in Coventry and was founded in 1996. We serve over 50 clients across The Midlands, London, Wales and the South West. Our goal is to transform IT into a competitive edge for our clients as well as delivering reliable performance. CommNetUK provide friendly top quality computer support at very competitive prices. The majority of our clients are small to medium sized organisations ranging from hundreds of staff to a single person. We serve a wide range of charities due to our positive reputation whilst offering excellent charity rates. CommNetUK offer IT support at very reasonable rates to suit your requirements ranging from basic ad hoc support to fixed price monthly support agreements.

What We Do

CommNetUK is dedicated to delivering superior service to our customers through our breadth of understanding and ability to manage your IT requirements. Most IT service providers will have its customers adjust to the solution they have provided, we at CommNetUK believe that the solution provided must match the customers needs.

What We Can Do For You

CommNetUK can engage with you across your business and IT enterprise; whether you would like us to support and maintain an existing IT system, help design and implement a new IT system, manage your key IT projects, complement an existing team or simply provide key individuals to advise on your approach and help you deliver.